My name is Joel Hedman and I am a qualified Stockholm guide. Send me a request per e-mail if you require my services: joel@joelhedman.se, or call me at: (+46) 70 770 61 72.

Aside from being a guide I am also an avid craft beer enthusiastcertified beer judge and beer connoisseur. I offer beer tastings at various locations in Stockholm, guided tours from the perspective of Swedish beer & beer history, but also segway tours, bicycle tours, roof top tours, pub tours etcetera. It´s always fun to go sightseeing in a different way!

Lately I´ve gotten several requests for tours from  `A Locals´Perspective` and I of course comply with the demands of the guests.. So, voila, here is: `A Locals´Perspective´:

”This tour shows you Stockholm from the perspective of the locals. What us locals do in our day-to-day as well as for more festive occasions such as; Midsummer, birthdays, Christmas, Kräftskiva (Crayfish party) and so on.

Included in the tour:

  • Seeing some of the hidden gems of the city (such as bars, cafe’s, parks etc)
  • Lunch as a local (going to a venue where you will find mainly locals)
  • Visit the home of a local (me) for a traditional Swedish ”fika” (coffee and a cinnamon roll or similar sweet stuff) It gives you the opportunity to investigate just how IKEA-infested a typical Swedish hose hold really is ;))

The Local perspectives tour is a available from anywhere between 3 hours – full day (or several – if you really wanna know this place) If you go for the full day you´ll also get to visit an adorable Swedish ”Kolonilott” (=allotment)  (my mothers´) If you really wanna go all in, no holes barred, full on Sweden I could also offer you the Surströmmingsskiva (fermented herring party) but don´t say I didn´t warn you! :)”


Let me show you my native city.